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The Guardian
Truss takes aim at anti-growth coalition on final day of turbulent…
Putin appears to admit severe Russian losses in Ukraine
Toxic air pollution particles found in lungs and brains of unborn babies
Cancer patients in England and Wales facing unacceptable wait for support
Scottish ministers refuse to confirm if King asked for rent freeze bill…
Twitter v Musk trial still on as neither party requested pause, judge says
Nurses across UK to vote in first ever RCN strike ballot over pay
Biden administration angered by Opec+ oil output cut
Children of mothers who eat junk food more likely to be overweight - study
London to Scotland sleeper service tipped for renationalisation
Attempts to play down retreats in Ukraine no longer wash inside Russia
Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons amid growing fears of Putins…
Russian anti-war journalist confirms she has fled house arrest
BBC News
Liz Truss speech: PM pledges to get country through 'stormy days'
Liz Truss's speech ends showcase of dysfunction and division
Church of England abuse cases run to hundreds - report
Average two-year mortgage rate highest for 14 years
Yassar Yaqub: Officer who fired fatal shots had 'no alternative'
Jessica Lawson drowning: Teachers not guilty over girl's death in France
NI Protocol: 'Mood music' has changed in protocol talks - Simon Coveney
School vows it 'won't hide away' over online racist abuse
Hillsborough disaster: Independent review held into pathology failings
Primark re-introduces women-only fitting rooms
Baby names: Oliver knocked off top spot by Noah
The Register
SUSE wheels out first public prototype of its server Linux distro, asks…
Linux 6.1: Rust to hit mainline kernel
IceWM reaches version 3 after a mere 25 years
VideoLAN to India: If you love FOSS so much, why have you blocked our…
Scaling the apex of efficient AI
Don't mind Facebook, just putting its own browser in its Android app
You thought you bought software - all you bought was a lie
Someone's at last helping AI models understand those with speech…
NetScaler reclaims identity after Citrix, Tibco merge as Cloud Software…
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Hello and welcome to the website of me, Matthew O'Hare. I hope you find something interesting during your visit.

I work in IT, specialising in SAP consulting, with technical and functional expertise in Human Resources and ABAP/4 programming. My company is called Sherwood HR. I've also been known to produce web applications, using Linux, Perl, Bayonne and MediaServer.

You'll find links along the top of the page, covering many of my interests such as music, food and drink, SAP, Linux and Perl. If you're feeling inquisitive you can watch my ant webcam.

Alternatively, why not have a look at some rocket pages or jump straight to a launch?

I love listening to, and playing, music. The last thing I listened to on my Transporter was I Better Be Quiet Now, by Elliott Smith from the album Figure 8.

This site uses style sheets for formatting, if your browser doesn't understand them you may find that the layout is less than perfect. Several browsers do offer at least partial support for style sheets, these include the most recent versions of: Mozilla, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Konqueror. Many other browsers are also available.

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My PGP key | Fingerprint: B9F0 9F40 6CD7 BDF1 72C3 0F05 33E4 E614 382A 781F