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The Guardian
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BBC News
Covid-19: Starmer calls for bigger pay rise for NHS 'heroes'
Covid: Asthma patients refused vaccine by some GPs
Covid contracts still unpublished despite Boris Johnson's claim
Covid-19: Cyprus to welcome vaccinated UK tourists from May
National Trust's climate change threat map a 'game-changer'
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The Register
PayPal says developer productivity jumped 30% during the COVID-19 plague
Self-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server virty users see stealth…
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Ever wondered why the big beasts in software all suddenly slapped an 'I…
Royal Navy and Airforce get low-code bridge in UK military recruitment saga
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Upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET 5 can be hard. New official tool may…
Deno 1.8: Node.js alternative gets 'out of the box GPU accelerated…
Chancellor launches £500m business software subsidy in the UK.…
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Hello and welcome to the website of me, Matthew O'Hare. I hope you find something interesting during your visit.

I work in IT, specialising in SAP consulting, with technical and functional expertise in Human Resources and ABAP/4 programming. My company is called Sherwood HR. I've also been known to produce web applications, using Linux, Perl, Bayonne and MediaServer.

You'll find links along the top of the page, covering many of my interests such as music, food and drink, SAP, Linux and Perl. If you're feeling inquisitive you can watch my ant webcam.

Alternatively, why not have a look at some rocket pages or jump straight to a launch?

I love listening to, and playing, music. The last thing I listened to on my Transporter was I Better Be Quiet Now, by Elliott Smith from the album Figure 8.

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