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The Guardian
Elections 2021: Labour win mayoral races in Greater Manchester and West…
Nicola Sturgeon vows to hold indy ref 2 as SNP closes in on win
Andy Burnham reelected mayor of Greater Manchester
Labours victories show importance of localism and positive vision
UK high-speed trains cancelled after cracks found in carriages
Julia James: Kent police arrest man in his 20s
Travel industry says Englands green list too cautious
Blasts target school in west Kabul killing at least 40 people
Rent arrears put thousands at risk as end of eviction ban in England looms
Remains of nine Neanderthals found in cave south of Rome
Ethiopian patriarch pleads for international help to stop rape and…
Scientists launch search for genetic test to spot killer prostate cancer
Cost of building work on UK homes to rise as price of materials soars
BBC News
Julia James: Man held over murder of Kent PCSO
Elections 2021: Labour plans changes after election defeats in England
High-speed rail services cancelled after cracks found in trains
Scottish election 2021: Nicola Sturgeon celebrates 'historic' SNP…
Elections results 2021: Andy Burnham re-elected as Greater Manchester mayor
Welsh election results 2021: Mark Drakeford set to stay as first minister
Post Office scandal: Former staff contacted over prosecutions
London violence: Two killed and two injured in attacks
Peterborough murder probe launched as man stabbed after party
'Infertile' Leicestershire science teacher had three children
Welsh election results 2021: What's the secret behind Labour's success?
The Register
Tesla Autopilot is a lot dumber than CEO Musk claims, says Cali DMV after…
Xpand your horizons: MariaDB launches distributed query engine into…
GitLab's 10-day certification freebie offer lasted only two because,…
British bank TSB says it will fix days-long transaction troubles tonight
'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after…
How Berkshire Hathaway broke Nasdaq's 32-bit code with its monster share…
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all: El…
Perl changes dev's permaban for 'unacceptable' behaviour to a year-long…
Researchers say objects can hide from computer vision by seeking out…
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Hello and welcome to the website of me, Matthew O'Hare. I hope you find something interesting during your visit.

I work in IT, specialising in SAP consulting, with technical and functional expertise in Human Resources and ABAP/4 programming. My company is called Sherwood HR. I've also been known to produce web applications, using Linux, Perl, Bayonne and MediaServer.

You'll find links along the top of the page, covering many of my interests such as music, food and drink, SAP, Linux and Perl. If you're feeling inquisitive you can watch my ant webcam.

Alternatively, why not have a look at some rocket pages or jump straight to a launch?

I love listening to, and playing, music. The last thing I listened to on my Transporter was I Better Be Quiet Now, by Elliott Smith from the album Figure 8.

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