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Our flight was with British Midland and we stayed at the 3* Hotel Concortel in the 8e arr. Both were friendly, clean, convenient, fairly well priced and we'd use them again. There aren't all that many good value restaurants near the hotel (though plenty of options if you want to buy a Cartier watch or Gucci gear - we didn't) but it is near the Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe, with the Madeleine Metro close by. Talking of the Metro, I would recommend buying a multi-day Metro pass or a carnet of 10 tickets as both are more economical and beat having to juggle with Euro coins every time you need to go somewhere!

Below are a few snaps I took with my little Creative PC-CAM600 web/digicam. The quality isn't great but they give you an idea of some of the highlights of the trip, just click on the thumbnail to view the full-size image (hover on the thumbnail for a brief description).

We've been to lots of other places too - we seem to end up going to a lot of weddings: Ravi's and Daniel's to name but two... but there are also the parties, such as my dad's 60th meal, Kingy's 30th, my 30th birthday, Dave the Dog's 5th and Kean and Charlotte's do.

In 2006 we visited Germany and Canada.


13 - 16 September 2002

[Money, tickets, passport! - 126KB]
[Hotel room - 149KB]
[Obelisk + moon - 106KB]
[Friday night traffic - 111KB]
[I'm going to try and cross the road now... - 103KB]
[Obelisk - 261KB]
[Arc de Triomphe et Champs Elysees - 142KB]
[Charles de Gaulle - 369KB]
[Charles de Gaulle - 388KB]
[Madeleine - 592KB]
[Angela, late night shopping - 293KB]
[Dinner - 168KB]
[View from Notre Dame Metro - 490KB]
[Hot but windy... - 251KB]
[The Seine/Ile de la Cite - 159KB]
[Notre Dame - 291KB]
[Enjoying sun outside Notre Dame - 622KB]
[Inside Notre Dame - 604KB]
[Inside Notre Dame - 679KB]
[Palais de Justice - 237KB]
[Enough of that, time to move on... - 225KB]
[McDonalds in Chinatown - 331KB]
[I'll stand outside it, but I'm not going in... - 337KB]
[Chinese Buffet - 126KB]
[Tour Eiffel - 430KB]
[More Eiffel Tower - 436KB]
[Slightly more interesting view of Eiffel Tower - 509KB]
[The base - 359KB]
[Opera - 203KB]
[Opera - 573KB]
[Dan and Angela, outside the Pompidou Centre (honest!) - 215KB]
[View of street after bieres et vins - 132KB]
[That was funny... - 148KB]
[Trying out the English Pub - 172KB]
[Dan, in 'balding demon' pose - 447KB]
[Hmmm, what shall I drink next? - 457KB]
[Back in the hotel - 123KB]
[Finding the best route to Pigalle - 190KB]
[Moulin Rouge - 226KB]
[Moulin Rouge - 552KB]
[Angela outside Chartier Restaurant - 646KB]
[I'm hungry! - 522KB]
[Let me in! - 608KB]
[Angela's Agneau at Chartier Restaurant - 432KB]
[Chartier, well worth a visit - 258KB]
[On the way up to Sacre Coeur, VERY STEEP! - 292KB]
[Overlooking City - 984KB]
[Striding on! - 210KB]
Sacre Coeur - 570KB]
Outside Sacre Coeur - 271KB]
[Inside Sacre Coeur - 607KB]
[Outside Sacre Coeur - 594KB]
[View of Paris from outside Sacre Coeur - 180KB]
[Funicular Railway, much easier than climbing up and down the hill - 596KB]
[I can't believe I walked up there! - 453KB]
[Boarding the plane - 167KB]
[Going home! - 166KB]
[Charles de Gaulle Airport from inside the plane - 131KB]
[Waiting for Concorde to land before we take off - 85KB]
[Concorde touches down - 86KB]
[Landed in UK - 100KB]
[East Midlands Airport - 109KB]
[Waiting for the bus to take us to the carpark - 386KB]

All Images © 2002 - Matthew O'Hare